Now a bit about cartonki by me, a regular mom who wants her baby to have the coolest room on the planet 🙂

Must be safe, beautiful and special. That is how I see cartonki. Safe for the baby and environment. Beautiful colors. And cool cardboard that makes the whole thing special. I love redesigning my baby’s room. I just can’t help myself. I guess its a mom thing. I reuse, renovate, redecorate. A beautiful old chair from antique shop? Perfect! Recycled cardboard. Cool! And somehow along the way cartonki idea came to life… I like to think that recycled cardboard furniture represents anti-consumerism at a tiny scale.

Cartonki is all about the colors and beautiful details. Each one is carefully handmade, very special and different. I hope you can find your favourite cartonki!

My best 🙂
Patrycja Kaciniel